Alex Ball currently attends the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications and a has an interest in fashion journalism. He received his Associate Degree in Fashion Business Management, May 2023. As an individual on the autism spectrum, he experienced bullying as a child, and has written this book in support of those who may experience similar challenges.

Author’s Note: I wrote this book because I have walked in the steps of children like me, who through no fault of their own are victims of bullies. I have also experienced the outreach, kindness, and love of humanity. This experience has taught me not to be afraid, or ashamed or embarrassed by autism, but rather to stand proud and embrace the many people who believe that every person, has quality, dignity, and a purpose in life. I want to share my story with the hope that others like me realize there is profound goodness, even in the face of incredible cruelty, and to never, never, never give up on loving yourself.